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                               MAXINE PATTERSON SCHOOL OF​ DANCE


                             "dance  like  nobody's  watching"

2212 Lincoln Street 

Savannah, GA 31405

(912) 234-8745

[email protected]

Rhythm IN Motion Dance Company


Rhythm in Motion Dance Company is designed for more advanced dancers

looking to further expand their dance experiences.

Being a company member requires a higher commitment level than students in regular session classes. This company provides the opportunity to work with guest teachers, dancers, and choreographers., perform at community events, and annual recitals, and attend dance conventions/competitions throughout the southeast.. members also participate in Company Summer Intensive. for technical training.

Company Auditions

are held in the

Spring and *Summer Intensive.

  Inspire Competition

Inspire All-Stars

Madison Whitely

Gaby Woodson

Petite Solo 

3rd overall - Hair 

Junior solo

10th overall - Anyone

Junior duet/trio

1st overall - Senseless

Junior duet/trio

2nd overall - Stand By You


Junior small group

2nd overall - Who You Are

Junior small group

3rd overall - Go Missy

Junior small group 

5th overall - Glam

Teen small group

2nd overall - Fall For You

7th overall - The Look

2020-2021 Highlights

Fusion Dance 


Intermediate Petite solo 

2nd overall - Hair

Intermediate Junior solo 

15th overall - Anyone

Intermediate Junior duet/trio 

5th overall - Senseless

Intermediate Junior small group 

5th overall - Who You Are

Intermediate Junior small group

6th overall - Go Missy

Intermediate Teen solo 

15th overall - Runaway

Intermediate Teen duet/trio

4th overall  - Beggin

Intermediate Teen duet/trio

6th overall - Notorious

Intermediate Teen small group 

18th overall - Fall For You

Intermediate Teen large group 

4th overall - The Look

Intermediate Senior solo 

12th overall - You Lost Me

Fusion Scholarships

McKenzie Hall

Madison Whitely

Karis Wilson



Go Missy

Judges Choice & Studio Selection


Standout Routine

Who You Are

Choreography Pick


Entertainment Pick


Entertainment Pick

ASH Scholarships

Karis Wilson

Morgan Whitely

ASH Apprentice & Hussein College Acceptance

Jaelin Cummings

ASH Apprentice 

Runner Ups

Brianna Cunningham

McKenzie Hall

Gaby Woodson